Puppies Gone Home

Stewy living it up with his new forever family, and he has a new playmate too.

This is Rusty

Rusty is now living with his forever family in Missouri. The pics of him with his new family are so Awesome, they had to go on this page,what a great life  he is having , Thank you Madi.

another Loki pic, having some cuddle time

this is Loki in his petsling , I think he's asleep .lol

this is one of Roza's girls they named her Lola , with her forever family

Lola  enjoying her favorite spot.

This is Gigi she is a Sushi daughter and really likes to go on outings with her new forever family

GIGI likes herself a little snow and ice also... no such thing as COLD!!!

Tobi is a Vixey boy.. he's in California now hanging out with his forever family

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