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We use and recommend NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus vitamins and supplements. When you purchase a puppy from us, we require you keep your new puppy on the NuVet Plus tabs. I usually start them on half a tab a day until they are 3-4 months old. You are welcome to use the NuVet powder and I do with an entire litter but for one individual puppy I like the tabs better.  

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NuVet is a wholesale company and so these supplements are not available in stores. However, they can be purchased with a recommendation from a vet or breeder, such as our kennel! To order supplements for your dog, click here.

Here are just some of the reasons we recommend NuVet:

  1. NuVet products are created in an FDA-approved pharmaceutical laboratory.

  2. All their products are made from human-grade ingredients.

  3. Supplements are all made in compliance with industry standard Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's).

  4. NuVet products were developed over a course of 8 years by a team of 3 professionals veterinarians, a physician, a pharmacist and a nutritional scientist, all of whom contributed their knowledge to creating the best possible supplements.

Click below to watch the video below to learn more about NuVet Plus for dogs!

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