Puppies can leave once they are 8 weeks old or over 3 lbs.  Puppies are micro chipped for their future safety. Puppies are dewormed with age appropriate shots given. All this info is on their individual Shot Record which is in your Puppy Pack. Puppy Pack includes: baby blanket and stuffed toy that smells like mummy to help with first night home, appropriate things to chew on, door bell, roll of poop baggies, toys, Juicy Crittoure Puppy Wipes, sample of Abundance Life dog food, sample of NuVet vitamins, Micro chip number and registration information, folder with shot record for your vet and several pages of  helpful information.  

Care and Training of your Pomsky Puppy

     Pomsky puppies are very intelligent, and do well with training. Going through some basic obedience training classes with your dog is an excellent idea, you will learn basic commands that can keep your dog safe (come when called can safe a dog's life).

     Since this is an active and playful breed, going for daily walks and having some playtime is also a good idea. Most owners have a fenced off area outside where they can play fetch and let their Pomsky romp.          Potty training is also important for any puppy, here is helpful link on subject from AKC but there are tons of web site that address this issue. Please educate yourself for puppy sake.  

      Be sure to provide your Pomsky puppies with quality and nutritional food either REAL RAW food or Life's Abundance small breed puppy.  At one year of age  move to the All Life Stages. 

pomsky puppy for sell Pomsky puppies
pomsky puppies for sell

This is the ONLY dry food we can recommend. This food has never had a recall for killing dogs.  Made with only human grade ingredients. Once there is a recall it's to late for your dog he/she is already been poisoned.  Lick here to check out this high quality food. There is nothing out there like it. Unless you are feeding RAW this is the best option for longer life less vet bills.