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Sushi of Hoppy Huskies

Sushi is happy hoppy girl! She has lovely blue eyes and is always willing to please.  Sushi does not have as thick of under coat as some huskies. 


A New Hope For Novatrooper

Nova is blue eyed heavy under coated red and white husky.  She is very fluffy and soft to the touch.  Nova is very athletic and loves to run and play and sometimes climb out of her run.  :+}  Sneaky girl! 


Bandit's Black Roze

Roze has shorter hair and heavy under coat.  Very happy girl very soft to the touch. Her and Nova are best buddies.  But Nova doesn't climb the fences! Both girls love to run hard and then dive into their swimming pools to cool off.  


Pomsky's R Us Vexie

Vexie lives with her human in the next town over.  She comes to visit often and love to play with Joey.  Her eyes are so blue they look like glass.  such a pretty face on this girl.  

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