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Where you can find your next  Best Friend! 

Puppies Available!

We have Pomsky Puppies available! They are ready to go home March 25th! Contact us today! Tim 479-582-5606


Mikey X Cindy babies
Ready 3-27-23
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The Pomsky was created by breeding a Pomeranian to a Siberian Husky.  This is an adorable breed that is fun, frisky, fantastic, irresistible balls of fur!! They bring the smallness of the Pomeranian and the hardiness and friendliness of the Husky together.  Creating a dog somewhere between 12-28 lbs.  With the lovely soft coat of a Pomeranian.   With bright eyes and keen intelligence and eagerness to please these are highly desirable pets.  Who wouldn't want a Pomsky Puppy?!

We have Stella (white Pomsky) and Sushi (husky) RETIRING  Free to approved home text or email. Must have fenced yard ! 

Pomsky puppy for sale  Pomsky puppy

More info on the Pomsky breed 

Pomsky puppy for sale

Shipping is available nation wide to any major airport. We also have ground transport to many major cities and we personal can meet in Dallas, St Louis, KC, OK city, Memphis TN. 

pomsky puppy
Pomsky puppy for sale
Pomsky Puppy For Sale
Pomsky Puppy
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